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June 16
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OOAK Clawdeen by AndrejA OOAK Clawdeen by AndrejA

To watch the full process, see my Youtube video:


Before asking anything, please check my F.A.Q. !!!! ^___^ 

My works are not stock images, they are not free for use. You may NOT use my works in any manipulations or designs, inclusive but not exclusive to: manipulation artworks, websites, layouts, icons, avatars, wallpapers, banners, blogs, CDs, posters, etc. 

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kiki34 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just cant get over her eyes. They're soo awesome!
TheHiddenLight Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
oh wow so pretty! where did you find lashes that were the perfect size?
mkaymickey22 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student Artist
Omg I saw this!!! It's so so pretty!!!!!!!!!
MechanicalLora Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
<font><font>вот это да</font></font>
kaistermaister Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
wow she is so pretty <3
brutalsunstudio Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
What a beauty! And I'm impressed by how fast you work on these. My sister (Leslie of Sands of Fire Dolls) makes around $700 a Tonner doll repaint lately, but she's so damp slooow, it doesn't really mean anything. Wish she'd watch your videos and get inspired to speed paint!
AndrejA Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am not sure what you mean, I think that most good things take a long time to make :) This repaint took me two days to make, but my video plays at 10x original speed and shows only a small section of the full process to avoid having a massively long video :P 
brutalsunstudio Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I mean it takes my sis two or more weeks to complete each repaint, doing it as a full time job. Two or three days IS speed painting for her. I've only seen her do a 'two day doll' on lots of caffeine, urgency to pay a bill, and enough thyroid meds. Giggle 

There are a lot of new artists out there who definitely need to learn to be perfectionistic. But for established artists, it can be a hindrance. Personally, I can be ridiculously perfectionistic, to the point that it hobbles me as an artist. So I've been challenging myself to sculpt faster this year (and am actually making some money as an artist for a change). I think speeding things up has actually improved the quality of my work. Things seem to come out with more character or beauty when done with a happy hussle. I can definitely see that in your work. Your faces are very fresh. Not over-done at all.
Fiolettakk2 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
so prettyyy
MysteriousKirsty Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Photographer
I want to cry. She's so cute. :happybounce: MUST take more pictures! :D
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